Welcome to the UNI ITS-IS Wikidot site

This site will be used for social times, such as potlucks, secret santa, etc!
However, it is a wiki, so feel free to start a page for something if you feel we would all like to contribute

Existing pages that are also on the menu:

* Secret Santa 2009

* 2009 Thanksgiving Potluck

If this is your first access to a Wiki site

Then there are some things you need to know:

  • To edit a page, go to the page and click the Edit button. You can change everything in the main area of your page. The Wikidot language is easy to learn but powerful.
  • You can attach images and other files to any page, then display them and link to them in the page.
  • Every Wikidot page has a history of edits, and you can undo anything. So feel secure, and experiment.
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